Settlement Services


Our services

  • Coordinate with all parties and facilitate settlement for purchase, sale, and refinance real estate transactions
  • Order title searches and prepare all title documents
  • Order required payoffs
  • Prepare Closing Disclosure settlement statements
  • Prepare settlement documents
  • Coordinate with all parties for signing and notarizing necessary documents
  • Coordinate remote settlements outside of our office
  • Record legal documents as needed
  • Collect and disburse all funds as needed

What is settlement?

Settlement, or “closing,” is the part of the home-buying process in which ownership is transferred from one party to another.

Before ownership can be transferred, steps must be taken to ensure the appropriate documents and affidavits are prepared, the Closing Disclosure settlement statement is complete and accurate, funds are collected, all documents are signed and notarized, the pertinent documents are recorded, and funds are disbursed appropriately. 

This is where we come in – we are here to do the hard part and walk you through the process! We function as a neutral third party and coordinate with all parties involved in the transaction to make sure your settlement is completed properly.

How long does the process take?

Completion of the process leading up to settlement typically takes approximately 30 days, but this can take anywhere from 30-90+ days, depending on the file.

How much are closing costs?

Most homebuyers should expect to spend 1-2% of the home’s purchase price for closing costs. Closing costs can include (but are not limited to):

  • Mortgage costs: origination fees, points, loan underwriting fees, loan commitment fees
  • Third-party costs: appraisal fees, credit reporting fees, flood determination fees
  • Title and settlement costs: settlement fee, back title search fee, title insurance premiums
  • Government fees: county and state recording and transfer tax fees

Homebuyers should also expect to pay another 1-2% of the purchase price for pre-paid items, which are costs associated with the first year of homeownership; pre-paid items include homeowner’s insurance premiums and real estate taxes.

What do I need to bring to settlement?

Buyers, sellers, and refinance borrowers need to bring approved photo identification, such as a valid driver’s license, as well as any funds necessary to complete their settlement. Your settlement agent will contact you prior to settlement to provide the exact dollar amount as well as the manner in which funds must be submitted.  Nearly all transactions require certified funds in the form of a wire or a cashier’s check.